Erectile dysfunction: cause and solution

Erectile dysfunction is a term used by modern medicine to refer disorders associated with partial or complete loss of the ability of a man to have intercourse.

One of the important symptoms is the decrease of stiffness and frequency of erections. Also in this group may include lack of firmness of the penis during intercourse. In addition, it was found that 30 % of men aged from18 to 59 years with lower quality erections much more than it’s complete absence. If there are signs need to quickly diagnose and number of therapeutic measures. In the absence of diseases that cause erectile dysfunction, every man can have quality sex life in the age of 50 or 60 and more years. Causes of potency disorders can be divided into organic and functional or psychogenic.

Previously it was thought, that in 9 out of 10 cases of sexual disorders appear against adverse psychological facts. According to the latest reports, the main causes of isolated are mental, which means depression, stress, nerve, including trauma, intervertebral disc damage, multiple sclerosis, alcohol abuse, pelvic surgery or arterial - hypertension, smoking, diabetes and venous: disturbances in the mechanism limiting the outflow of blood from the penis. If a man said at least one of the above expressions, he should as soon as possible to see a doctor to identify the cause of the disease and to select methods of treatment and prevention.

Such disturbances may be caused by drug administration and reducing pressure, antidepressants, luteinizing hormone, and several other drugs.

In these diseases, changes in the vessels of the body, resulting in the walls of veins and arteries lose flexibility and elasticity, become fragile and brittle, which is one of the most frequent causes of dysfunction.

In the normal state, under the action of pulses of the central nervous system, relaxation occurs penile vascular walls, resulting in penis blood rapidly fills. Increases in volume artery compress small vessels, which in the ground state are reset to the blood veins, blood flow is sharply reduced, and that provides an erection.

However, the progression of atherosclerosis and, as a consequence, the deposition of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels, the use of drugs that reduce blood pressure, diabetic vascular lesions, alcohol abuse, stress load - all this, together and separately, reduces the ability of normal erection. This sexual disorder is treatable. The most important methods of prevention and treatment of sexual disorders is a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, exercise performance and, of course, regular sexual life. Also there are special safe drugs which help a man to keep an erection under control.