Discount sildenafil citrate saves families

Discount sildenafil citrate is an analogue of a known substance, which is the only synthetic aphrodisiac, and has already proven themselves in the global pharmaceutical market. The drug became popular - a new market easily recognizable brand, enhancing features such as the stimulation of libido, the company that developed the drug, actively selling it. Naturally, before you release the drug on the market, pharmacist developer patented active ingredient that no one could forge. Thus, the developer secures exclusive rights to sell to create a drug that is effective in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in men.

However, each has its own patent term. Until then, until the period of patent protection on the drug works, the development company gets the maximum profit, because it can appoint any price for their product. But the timing of patent protection for the active ingredient of medicines and drugs are limited by the laws of the world. Once the period of patent protection for the active ingredient has expired, other companies receive access to the formula of the substance, and they can start producing their own medicines and drugs based on it.

Active ingredient and brand name drugs are identical. The difference can only consist in the accompanying supplements, flavoring and coloring agents, which do not play a considerable role in mode of action of the drug. It does just as well take a single oral dose, more or less one hour before the alleged closeness in an amount of 50-100 mg. After oral intake, the half-life of sildenafil in healthy men about four hours, elimination of the cure in patients with hepatic and renal insufficiency slows, so patients with impaired liver and kidney shows a decrease in the dose - 25 mg at one time.

In occasional cases, using of medicine may lead to headache, hot flushes, dizziness, reversible disruption of color perception, palpitations, dyspepsia and rhinitis, and allergic reactions. The ingredients of the drug, causing extra blood flow to the penis, increase and prolong erection, help to increase orgasmic experiences.

Remember this feeling and try to have it repeated as often, as possible. Most importantly, the scientists found a way to stay in shape for long times. No matter how many broken families, if this is not an effective remedy. When the desire does not match the capabilities, science works for you, so why not take advantage and have a pleasure?